Let’s hope lockdowns are a thing of the past and we can look forward to hosting friends and family at home as those nights begin to draw in. Beer, wine and gin and tonics are great, however we believe cocktails are an even better way to get the party started or exude sophistication. But which are best for autumn and winter nights? In this blog we cover three of our favourites for gin lovers and whisky drinkers.

With a delectable range of spirits on offer at Copper Rivet Distillery, here are some ideas and inspiration for some delicious and warming cocktails for those dark and cold autumnal evenings.

Gin Cocktails

Here at Copper Rivet Distillery, we take pride in offering some of the UK’s only farm to glass gins. Dockyard Gin, Kent Strawberry Gin and Damson Gin are equally delicious and compliment a range of different cocktail recipes.

Take a look at these cocktails and why not try to make them this winter with our gin to impress your guests?

  • Damson and spiced apple – A spiced apple mix pairs perfectly with our very own Dockyard Oak-Aged Damson Gin:
    • Use a spiced apple juice, or infuse your favourite winter spices in warm apple juice for around 20 minutes to make your own
    • Combine 200ml of the spiced juice with 60ml of our Dockyard Damson Gin
    • Finally, garnish with spices such as star anise and cinnamon sticks for a wintery finishing touch
    • Serve and enjoy!
  • Winter Negroni- A near perfect serve for our Dockyard Gin, this fruity concoction brings warmth to those chilly nights sat by the fire:
    • Take the juice of two freshly squeezed oranges
    • Combine the juice with 85g of sugar and dissolve the sugar over a medium to low heat
    • Bring the mixture to a simmer until thickened
    • Combine 25ml of our Dockyard gin, 25ml of Campari and 25ml of Sweet Vermouth and pour over ice
    • Stir in the syrup mixture, and optionally add caramelised orange slices to finish
    • Serve immediately and enjoy!
Whisky cocktails are both refreshing and warming

We have so far released two expressions of Masthouse Whisky – Masthouse Single Malt Whisky and our Masthouse Column Whisky. These offer distinct and ridiculously smooth drinking experiences. While our founders will only drink these neat, let’s experiment and use Masthouse Column Malt Whisky to create a delicious, refreshing and yet warming autumn cocktail!

  • Whisky Highball – A delicious blend of whisky, ginger and apple makes for an excellent, refreshing warmer on an autumn day:
    • Mix in 60ml of a ginger ale of your choice with the whisky and pour over ice in a tall glass
    • Squeeze some of the juice of a slice of lemon into the glass and then place the wedge into your beverage for garnish
    • Finally, top the cocktail with 90ml of sparkling apple juice
    • Serve and enjoy!

Hopefully these recipes have offered some inspiration for some delicious cocktails coming into the colder months and ways to drink our amazing products produced here at Copper Rivet Distillery. To purchase some of our products for yourself, come into our shop at the distillery or order from our online shop here on our website for collection or delivery.

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