Nothing is more appealing than the thought of a cosy evening at home with a cocktail in your hand! In this blog, we offer up some vodka cocktail inspiration for a great night in, using our delightfully smooth Vela Vodka.

Dirty Martini

A classic cocktail with a Vela Vodka twist:

  • A classic cocktail with a Vela Vodka twist:
  • Take 50ml of Vela Vodka, 10ml vermouth and 20ml of olive brine
  • Pour over ice into a stirring glass and stir for 30 seconds
  • Strain into a chilled Nick and Nora glass
  • Serve with three olives on a cocktail stick
  • Enjoy

White Russian

A creamy blend of Vela Vodka and coffee liqueur:

  • Take 50ml of Vela Vodka
  • Combine with 25ml of coffee liqueur and 1tbsp of single cream
  • Pour over ice into a tumbler
  • Stir Gently
  • Serve and enjoy

Distiller’s Brew

An elderflower and Vela Vodka delight:

  • Take 37.5ml of Vela Vodka
  • Add 12.5ml of St St-Germain, 20ml of lemon juice and 15ml of sugar syrup
  • Pour into a shaker over ice
  • Shake well
  • Pour the contents of the shaker into a Highball glass over ice
  • Top with ale
  • Garnish with dried elderflower and lemon
  • Serve and enjoy

Lemon Drop

A refreshing, citrusy serve:

  • Pour 50ml of Vela Vodka into a shaker
  • Combine with 25ml triple sec and 25ml of lemon juice
  • Add ice and shake well
  • Zest 1/2 a lemon and mix with 1 tbsp of white caster sugar
  • Garnish the rim of a chilled martini glass with the lemon and sugar mixture
  • Strain the contents if the shaker into the glass
  • Serve and enjoy

These recipes have provided some great inspiration for range of cocktails to impress guests with. To purchase Vela Vodka, head to or visit our distillery shop open weekdays 10am-5pm

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