Masthouse Whisky

Made in accordance with the Invicta Whisky Charter® Masthouse Whisky is a rare single estate whisky which is natural, unfiltered and strikes the perfect balance of rich complexity and approachability.

Masthouse Whisky Single Malt - Pot Distilled is made with specially grown Kentish grain, and is a beguiling spirit inspired by the ancient craft of ship mast-making at Chatham's Royal Dockyard, where it is distilled.

500ml (45% ABV) £47.00


Why not try Masthouse Single Malt - Column Distilled?

Masthouse Single Malt is among Britain’s first single malt whiskies to be distilled in a column still and is made in accordance with the Invicta Whisky Charter ®

500ml (45% ABV) £45.00


Tasting Notes

Green apple and ginger biscuit, tropical fruits and floral mid-notes, toasted oak, chocolate orange on the palate, finished with malt & white pepper

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100% Belgravia Barley grown at 40 Acre Field. Our mash undergoes a long fermentation before being pot distilled and then aged in a combination of first fill American Oak Bourbon and Virgin Oak Barrels.


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