Son of a Gun

You would have to scour the seven seas to find a more versatile drink, so go ahead - ignite the spark for libations.

It is said that as shrapnel tore through the ocean, the guns that fired it induced timely labour. Sailors born this way would forever be known as a 'SON OF A GUN'. Deep and complex, this spirit is hand crafted in small batch stills at Chatham Dockyard and remains today an irreverent spirit.

Express oils from orange peel and coat rim of glass. Leave peel in the glass. Add sugar cube and soak in bitters. Add 3 cubes of ice and Son of a Gun, Stir again briefly.


20cl £14.50

50cl £32.00

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Tasting Notes

A soft, medium bodied clean spirit, with floral notes and tropical fruits with vanilla honey oats finish.

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With a specially selected blend of our holy trinity of grains mixed with our Kentish water before being distilled carefully through our traditional pot still.

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