Strawberry Gin


Simply Dockyard Gin and Strawberries, unlike so many other flavoured Gins nothing goes into our product except for Dockyard Gin and Strawberries. Its 100% natural with no added Sugar, colour or flavourings. In fact its so natural and fresh that you may see the real spirit inside the bottle as the natural proteins gather together a little like sediment in fine wine, don’t worry this is perfectly OK, just shake it and enjoy.

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Nothing evokes the summer quite like strawberries and cream. Having distilled our very own alcohol from wheat, barley and rye, grown especially for us on local farms, we gain a rich creamy smooth base before we gently distil our carefully balanced gin. We simply let the local Kentish Strawberries from the Garden of England do their work to infuse flavour and colour.

Rich in anti-oxidants. No artificial colourings. No artificial flavourings. No added sugar. Just 100% natural.

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