Pairing combinations for any occasion

The world of tonic water has become so interesting and so varied with so many different tonic to choose from. So what are the best combinations? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite Tonic and Dockyard Gin combinations to answer the question … “ what tonic goes with gins ….?

What gin goes with … Ginger Ale?

Ginger Ale adds a zing and little fiery experience to a gin and tonic. So, you need a gin with the character notes to complement those flavours. Dockyard Gin’s light spicy and pepper notes work wonderfully with ginger ale. As a result, the warmth from this refreshingly spicy drink is perfect for that moment on a summer’s evening when the sun goes down and cool night begins.

What gin goes with … Elderflower? – Who doesn’t love elderflower?

It is the perfect summer tonic for gin. Elderflower is a sweet and floral aromatic scented tonic that will compliment any orange and citrusy dry gin, much like delicate sweet floral and zesty flavours in Dockyard Gin brought about the use of …. Wait for it … elderflower as one of the nine botanicals in this deliciously fresh and moreishly sweet gin. Add ice and a little orange peel to make it an extra special Dockyard Gin and Elderflower Tonic.

What gin goes with … Aromatic Tonic?

Aromatic tonic is made using ingredients from around the world such as angostura bark. It has unified spicy and sweet notes, because this it blossoms perfectly with the peppery and sweet botanicals Dockyard Gin and Strawberry gin.

What gin goes with … Hibiscus

Imagine those sweet aromas in the air from the hibiscus flower on a warm, tropical night. Magical, and with Hibiscus tonic you can bring that feeling closer to home in a gin tonic. To complement perfectly, the tonic needs sweet, floral and tropical fruit notes like those found in Dockyard Gin. Hibiscus Tonic with Dockyard Gin is a new favourite of ours.

What gin goes with … Pink Grapefruit

When a gin carries so much natural, refreshing citrus through its top and mid notes from the combination of juniper, coriander, lemon and orange peel as part of the botanicals blend, pink grapefruit is the perfect complement. It’s not to citrusy, not sweet and that’s why we chose it as our signature garnish for Dockyard Gin. Don’t just take our word for it, Whichgin also suggests this serving.

What tonic goes with what gins

There you have it, there are many combinations of tonics to go with gins. These are our favourite but why don’t you give them a try and see which tonic is you favourite in Dockyard Gin.

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