What Son of a Gun means?

Where did Son of a Gun Originate ? There are many rumours of where the term a Son of Gun comes from. According to the oxford dictionary the term Son of a Gun means both a compliment and an insult. You may use Son of a Gun to compliment at a gentleman friend. Alternatively you could use it to insult someone “the son of a gun is late again” But where did it originate from?

Many people believe the term Son of a Gun comes from the U.S. When in fact it comes from the good old British Royal Navy. In the 18th and 19th century there would often be women aboard the great ships of the day and, on occasion they would fall pregnant. She would give birth along side the cannons with a sheet draped across for privacy.

The baby is born and adopted by the royal navy and given the name of the ship they are on. There you have it “where a son of a gun originates from”

Copper Rivet Distillery – Where did Son of and Gun’s origin

Every product we produce at the Copper Rivet Distillery tells a story. There for we decided to name our English grain spirt a Son of a Gun. This unique spirit is something of a misfit. As an incredible spirit without a traditional category like whisky to fit into. It felt apt that this independently minded drink should be named in honour of those boys born to the great ships once built in Chatham’s Royal Naval Dockyard we call home.

During its 414 years of operation, Chatham’s Royal Naval Dockyard provided over 500 ships for the Royal Navy, and was at the forefront of shipbuilding, industrial and architectural technology. At its height, it employed over 10,000 skilled artisans and covered 400 acres. Chatham dockyard at one point so we were told that at one point was the largest industrial complex in the world.

Spirit – Where did Son of a gun originate

Just like the ships built at Chatham; Son of a Gun is innovative and carefully engineered. With locally farmed wheat, barley and rye grown specially for it and carefully chosen American white casks. It is distilled once in our traditional pot still, then a second time through 40 copper plates in our unique 10-meter-tall column still then aged in the casks for 2 months. A slow fermentation results in this unique distillation approach create an ultra-smooth spirit bursting with tropical fruit and breakfast porridge notes. It’s perfect for mixologists who can substitute any spirit base to make rum, whisky, pisco, tequila and even gin cocktails (think Daquiris, Sours, Old Fashioned, Margaritas, Dirty Martinis) with this incredible spirit.

Son of a gun originate
Son of a Gun origin

You can order your bottle of Son of a Gun from our website https://www.copperrivetdistillery.com/copper-rivet-shop/ or you can shop locally and visit us here at the distillery.

Try before you buy? join us for a guided tour and try not just Son of Gun but all our artisan range plus, learning all about how we make our handcrafted spirits from scratch. 

Serving suggestion

Express oils from orange peel and coat rim of glass. Leave peel in the glass. Add sugar cube and soak in bitters. Add 3 cubes of ice and Son of a Gun, Stir again briefly.

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